Museum De Waag is located in one of the oldest weighing houses in the Netherlands. The Waag was built in 1528 as a weighing house for traders who sold their wares on the market. It is an icon of the city, located on the Brink of Deventer. In the 19th century the weighing house disappeared and the weigh house became a "Drawing school". In 1915 the building became a museum. Since then you can still view the ancient treasures of the city in this special monument. With the departure of the VVV from the building, there was more space for exhibition. Studio Groen + Schild has redesigned the entrance and museum shop. A number of spatial changes have been made with respect for the monument, such as the larger passage to the new exhibition space.

Photography: Mike Bink

Projectteam Studio Groen+Schild:
Ellen Schild, Thijs Bongers, Wilfred van Westerhuis