BPD is an area developer that is committed to creating living environments. Numerous parties are always involved in the projects they develop. They see work as collaboration. The interior of the renovated office in Amersfoort now fits in this way of working. The long corridors with enclosed office spaces have been replaced by an open working environment. There are a number of pavilions for consultation and co-creation in the heart of each floor; cooperation is central. The materialization of the pavilions shows what BPD stands for; building a pleasant living environment with natural materials. There are open workspaces around the pavilions. Good room acoustic was very important. Ceilings with a very high absorption value, carpet and cupboards with perforated sliding doors ensure a pleasant and peaceful working environment. The layered finish on the architectural cores has been specially designed for this project. The first layer shows the area developer's field of work based on the maps of the cities where they are active. The second layer is a metal grid that is reminiscent of the fence of a construction site. This grid is the carrier for the third layer; a temporary exhibition with works from the beautiful art collection of BPD. The whole reflects the identity of the organization.

Photography: Mike Bink

Projectteam Studio Groen+Schild:
Ellen Schild, Loran Kampen, Ester Schreibelt, Dyneke Kuiken